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  • 33 High Res Textures
  • 10 Adobe illustrator Brushes
  • 1 Emboss Photoshop Template
  • 1 Font Pairing Guide

Supergraphic is the retrofuturism design asset pack of your dreams. Including meticulously created and scanned textures featuring a wide variety of materials curated to add depth and realism to your designs. I’m also super excited to finally be releasing my engrave/emboss Photoshop template that I’ve been using in my professional work for years! I spent hours refining the effect and the best part is it is fully editable live, without the use of smart objects — meaning you can go from idea to final in seconds. Additionally I’ve designed custom Illustrator brushes that can be used as decorative borders and also outlines for text and anything else you can imagine. Finally I’ve included a font pairing guide with some pro tips and video tutorials about how to use the assets in the pack! I’m so excited to see how you use these assets and unlock your creativity with them 🖤